Why Us?

Our TMS implementation process is as painless as possible. We spend as much time as we need to properly train all employees and drivers on the system.
Our easy-to-use TMS has proven to dramatically improve the operations of all container drayage carriers that use the system.
We view ourselves as the “tech arm” to your team. After proper implementation and training, we are here to support you all the way.


A portal where a shipper or BCO can receive load status updates, electronic documentation and container visibility.
We streamline how you receive shipments & communicate with your customers, helping you become their preferred carrier.
  • AI-based order entry - easily receive tendered loads with maximum data accuracy
  • Integrated appointment setting and customer messaging
  • Customer Portal - give your customers a free portal, where they can receive load status updates, access documentation (ie. invoices, PODs...) and have visibility over their containers.
& Mobile
Easily dispatch and manage each load.
  • Driver Selection - fliter which driver is best to move a specific load (view driver availability, equipment type + more)
  • Driver App - loads are dispatched directly to the drivers app (iOS/Android, mobile/tablet)
  • Geofencing - instantly receive updates on each driver's load status
  • Instant Messaging - communicate with individual or multiple drivers in real-time, from the portal directly to their app
  • E-Documents - drivers e-sign & scan their load documentation in the app, giving dispatchers instant access through their portal
iOS & android compatible driver dispatch app where drivers can receive loads & scan TIRs, PODs, and other documentation.
drayOS includes GPS truck tracking, vessel ETAs, container availability and tracking, and empty return locations.
Truck & Container
Track your trucks and container availability without having to search multiple websites.
  • Truck Tracking (GPS) - track your driver's location in real-time or view their location history
  • View vessel ETAs & Container Availability - PortPro shows you the containers last free day, cut off day, and last empty return day
  • Container Tracking - View when & where all your containers were dropped, mark when they're ready to be picked up, and manage yard checks
  • Receive empty return locations
Billing &
Seamlessly handle all billing and settlements directly with Quickbooks.
  • System-generated documentation for billing purposes
  • Invoice multiple loads in a matter of a few seconds
  • Rates are automatically calculated - no need to scan and attach invoices to emails
  • Automatic re-invoicing to customers with outstanding balances - all paperwork attached.
  • Driver settlements are automated in - no need to print or email them
Easy invoicing with system-generated documentation, automatic re-invoicing, rate calculation & driver settlements.
drayOS software includes a safety management feature to better manage drivers, trucks and chassis.
Manage your drivers, trailers, trucks, and chassis’
  • Driver's are notified when their documentation (ie. license) is about to expire and can update info through their app
  • View/manage driver's profile (contact info, document expiration dates...)
  • View/manage trailers, trucks, and chassis' (ie. vin, registration, size, type, inspection...)
Customize and generate reports to track and analyze information that is important to you.
  • Customer Reporting: activity, revenue…
  • Driver Reporting: activity, revenue, pay…
  • Load reporting: activity by customer, count, charges…
  • Equipment Reporting: container LFD, return
  • Looking for a custom report? Let us know!
drayOS reporting & analytics on the activity, revenue and growth for a carrier’s customers, drivers, loads and equipment.


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